the story

{About WhiteFive Designs}


Hello from Sunny Arizona!! So glad you are here! :)

SO… I have always had a passion to create & design, but honestly, I never really saw myself doing anything “official”. I feel like I stumbled upon this opportunity but I am extremely grateful to step out in this awesome endeavor!

WhiteFive Designs would not even come close to existing without my handy & patient hubby Shawn. Not only does he bring mad wood-working skills to the table – he is my greatest encourager… he lovingly encourages me to pursue my dreams, he affirms my giftings and challenges me to take risks.

Our life can be all sorts of crazy – with three passionate children, investing in college students & renovating our 1963 Tempe, AZ house but I’m pretty sure we were made for this kind of living!

We are just normal people taking a risk & pursing a dream…  our prayer is to inspire others to do the same!

WhiteFive Designs strives to create & find unique, stylish & affordable décor & furniture.  We are open to fresh ideas and accept custom inquires.

We are locally based in Tempe, Arizona.


{About Me}

Hi! I’m Candi White. Wife, Mom, Visionary & Campus Pastor (Go ASU!)

Passionate about Jesus, Makeovers, Vintage decor, Authentic Relationships & Coffee!

I Love seeing potential & possibilities in people, circumstances, fashion & décor!

My love for creating, repurposing & envisioning beauty comes from a deep gratitude

to God for blessing me with the greatest makeover of my life!

This site is just one more step out of my comfort zone… but hey, you only live once, right!?

“…to bestow on them a crown of beauty
 instead of ashes…” Isaiah 61:3