WhiteFive Designs makes beautiful, creative pieces of art. They make things I wish I could if I had the vision, time and talent. I can’t wait to decorate my house with the special signs I ordered. They even do custom orders which is amazing! I would wholeheartedly recommend The Whithouse Designs to anyone. Such a unique and beautiful boutique. I only wish they were in my town, but I am very thankful for shipping.    -Joanna, Tucson, AZ


I wanted a decorative item to give to my parents for Christmas that represented their marriage. I provided the Whites with a rough idea of the aesthetics and they used ingenuity to create a great gift for me.   -Josh, Tempe, AZ


WhiteFive Designs is awesome! Candi took my custom order quickly and thoughtfully, asking all the right questions. And boom! Now my wall looks hotter and I’m inspired every morning by the encouraging words painted with such care.   -Brooke, Washington DC


I contacted WhiteFive Designs (Candi) about an indoor wooden bench that I wanted custom made. I had only one picture to show them what I had in mind. Not only were they so helpful and professional, they went above and beyond on what I wanted! They took my personal preferences (dark wood/slightly distressed look) and did an amazing job. Their price couldn’t be beat. I had other offers from other businesses and their price was by far the lowest. The quality is exceptional. I told them I needed it by a specific date and they delivered it right on schedule. My friends and family are all so impressed by the bench, as am I! I will be ordering many more items from this company in the future.  -Amber, Apache Junction, AZ


WhiteFive Designs make such creative and inspirational pieces. I absolutely love the piece I have in my dinning area. It’s unique and a statement piece. I am very excited for all the pieces Candi is creating for my wedding reception. I know they will be the perfect decorations for the big day.  -DeAnne, Mesa, AZ


I am truly appreciative of all the items you have made and created for me. i am so blessed to have found you. My house is starting to feel like a home from all the items you have made for me. I am from Michigan and have home sickness all the time. With the desert and climate its just not the same. I know it sounds lame but every piece you have created for me makes me feel a little more at home and gives me that woodsy midwest feel. Your pieces are beautiful with your personal touch. I ABSOLUTELY love how I can show you a picture of an idea I like revamped with a few changes and you make it exactly how i wanted it. Again THANK YOU THANK YOU THANKYOU. You are awesome and talented and can’t wait to continue decorating my house with all your pieces. -Lori, Mesa, AZ


WhiteFive Designs is my favorite place to shop! If you are looking for a perfect addition to your home or a one of a kind gift look no further! Each item is truly fashioned with love and precise detail… yet the prices are extremely reasonable! I have ordered various items from WhiteHouse Designs including a Reupholstered chair, reclaimed wood signs, wall plank signs, and more! I have been 100 % satisfied and fully in love with each item. The décor of WhiteFive Designs is fitting for any occasion: birthdays, holidays… you name it! With their unique and wide selection of products it’s easy to find something for everyone on your gift list.  -Emily, Tempe, AZ


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