Can’t replace it? Paint it!!

Don’t you just love home improvement shows? I do, I am a sucker for makeover shows!

However, once you are actually living in a fixer upper and doing the work yourself.. you quickly learn that your reality might look a little different than your favorite reality shows.. right!? :)

We’ve been in our current fixer for about 2 1/2 years. It has been  quite the process and I am continuing to learn how to embrace it and be ok in the messy middle.

There is definitely something gratifying about completing a project yourself.. about working on a budget and coming up with creative solutions ( i mean if someone offered to do the work for me or fund my project i wouldn’t argue. lol).

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Wood Wall

Screen shot 2015-01-12 at 2.55.18 PM

A little Archive from our previous house. Really miss this wood wall!

Not sure what other families do at 11pm on a Sunday night… but around here we decide it’s a good time to work on a house project! I mean the kids are all asleep and you can finally have a quiet moment to think & create.
(For all you morning people – this may not work for you… maybe you can wake up at like 4:30am..? :)

Also, it definitely works to our advantage that our kids can sleep through a compressor going on & off and a nail gun.

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Painted Concrete Floors


Hope you all had a lovely Christmas!!! Happy 2015 to you all!

Here is a little peak of what we did on our winter break.

Mission: Office/Creative Space – Painted Concrete Floor

I forgot to take a true before picture – but you can picture with me a space with off white carpet and some accidental paint spills on it :) … not sure who did that!? LOL. Off white carpet and a creative space do not mix well …. at least not for me!!

So we (and by “we” i really mean my husband) ripped out the carpet and the prep for painting began.

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Transformation Tuesday


Happy Tuesday & Happy Veteran’s Day!!

So I am super excited to share with you my pink couch transformation!!

But first…. for those of you who live in the Phoenix area – I wanted to share a little about my fabric store adventures and give a little review!



5 Fabric Stores and a trek across the valley & I found my fabric!

I started at Tempe Sales  – pretty good selection- although some what outdated styles,  decent prices. Staff was not over the top helpful but lots to look at & pretty organized. I found a really nice Suede at $11/yd  but I was hoping for a lower price – so on to the next store..

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Restore Conference

Screen shot 2014-05-12 at 2.13.03 PM

Had a Fabulous time at the DSC Sisterhood Conference this last weekend!


I had a great time hosting the Re-Use breakout session about Repurposing & Upcycle -ing.  Thanks to you ladies who attended!!  And for those who attended and for those of you who did not –  I have included some of the things we talked about!

IMG_20140510_140339 20140510_122920 20140510_124744

You can check out the tutorial for the Mason Jar Cups- here. 

Cake Stands- here

Repurposed Frame -here 

Favorite Places & Products – here  

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