Can’t replace it? Paint it!!

Don’t you just love home improvement shows? I do, I am a sucker for makeover shows!

However, once you are actually living in a fixer upper and doing the work yourself.. you quickly learn that your reality might look a little different than your favorite reality shows.. right!? :)

We’ve been in our current fixer for about 2 1/2 years. It has been  quite the process and I am continuing to learn how to embrace it and be ok in the messy middle.

There is definitely something gratifying about completing a project yourself.. about working on a budget and coming up with creative solutions ( i mean if someone offered to do the work for me or fund my project i wouldn’t argue. lol).

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Phoenix Flea


We had a such a blast this last weekend at Phoenix Flea… one of our all time favorite Arizona’s Markets!! This market will always have a special place in our hearts as it was the the very first market that we launched our little biz!

It has been incredible to see this market grow and expand! We have been so encouraged by the support of the community!

Thanks for shopping local and supporting small businesses!! We are super thankful for those of you who shopped our booth! We absolutely love seeing return shoppers & love meeting new ones!

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WhiteFive Kitchen Edition


Hello Friends!! Here’s a little peek of our progressing Kitchen Reno & some thoughts from along the way. For those of you taking on a big project that you have to do in stages (aka it is not going to be done overnight & you do not have a HGTV crew or contractor) … take a deep breath and embrace the ugly… keep your ultimate vision in mind but celebrate the progress along the way!! It will not be ugly forever. 

Here we have our lovely kitchen upon purchase a year and half ago. First step: Remove those upper cabinets!!  (we also had the wallpaper removed & cabinets painted & then ceased work until we had another chance (aka: time/money) to work on it.

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Live Brave- week 10


Happy Monday!!! Super excited about today’s contributors!! These two girls are super creative, kind & humble! It is awesome to see God’s favor over their lives & business!

Hope to see you May 2nd & 3rd at Junk in the Trunk! Thought this post would be great timing & it would give you a chance to get to know more of the story & people behind the vision!!! And who doesn’t LOVE a give-away?? We are giving away TWO VIP admission tickets! Details on how to enter are at end of this post or check out our Instagram :)

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Phoenix Flea

Once again we had an absolute blast at Phoenix Flea!  The venue was amazing.. beautiful weather.. a really great mix of artists. There was a great sense of community & fellow vendors actually were for one another & celebrating each others’ successes… I love that! :)

Props to the organizers of the event.. it all really did go so smoothly!

If you have yet to check out the market – I highly recommend you plan to attend the next one! ( I don’t know the date yet, but assume there will be one in the fall!)

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