Wedding Edition

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Recently attended a beautiful wedding reception for my little brother at Inside the Bungalow , a lovely venue in downtown Mesa, AZ.

Weddings can be so fun – gathering as family & friends and celebrating the blessing of marriage and witnessing a couple sharing this new covenant together!

If you’ve ever planned a wedding or reception, you know that there are just so so many details and logistics!  This blessed occasion can potentially turn into the o so ever stressful event!

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The Great Phone Dilemma

OK hers’s the situation – the husband & i own the iphone 4s – husband’s phone decides to go for a swim & no longer works and mine is in need of an upgrade.

husband leaves to Verizon store – comes back hours later with two Samsung Galaxy S5’s & two Tablets.



Who knew I would have such a reaction to this — I mean it’s only a phone, right??!!  Or is it… :)

So after my initial reaction & my feeling that I was cheating on the iphone … I decided to chill out and  learn a new phone (change is not always easy).

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Restore Conference

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Had a Fabulous time at the DSC Sisterhood Conference this last weekend!


I had a great time hosting the Re-Use breakout session about Repurposing & Upcycle -ing.  Thanks to you ladies who attended!!  And for those who attended and for those of you who did not –  I have included some of the things we talked about!

IMG_20140510_140339 20140510_122920 20140510_124744

You can check out the tutorial for the Mason Jar Cups- here. 

Cake Stands- here

Repurposed Frame -here 

Favorite Places & Products – here  

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Places & Products I Heart!

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Here are some local fav places to go shopping for upcylcing or repurposing.  Favorite Inspiration stores &  some Favorite products!

Favorite Places to find items to repurpose/upcycle!

Zinnias on Melrose – downtown Phoenix

Merchant Square – Chandler



-Sas Fabrics


-Facebook selling groups-  Gilbert Shabby Chic & Vintage, Greenfield Higley Neighbors and Friends

Favorite Inspiration Stores (or when I just want to buy something ready made!)

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