Lately I have been reminded that God, in His grace, reveals to heal.

God in His unfathomable love and His endless kindness invites us to go deeper still.  It is an invitation — we get to choose. Some of us don’t answer, some say maybe, some say no and same say YES!

And as we say YES to a journey to know Him more – we end us knowing our true selves more.

We find our true identity- not in what we do, or in what degree we pursue, or in our family, our salary, our past, our position or anything else but in Christ alone!

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A Repurposed Life

Screen shot 2014-04-11 at 8.39.41 AM


I just love this concept! When I hear the word Repurpose – I can’t help but to first think of my life. My passion to see beauty & purpose in decor or potentially discarded items come from a deep gratitude within to God who saw (and still sees) a greater purpose in my life!

Just some parts of my story:

Grew up in a small town (*insert Journey song-“Just a small town girl…” )

Oldest in a family of 5. Grew up feeling very loved, safe & secure. Fast forward to Junior High to show up to school to hear what i thought to be a crazy rumor about my family – only to later find out that it in fact was true.

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