Use What You Have

We recently had a fundraiser for Arizona State Chi Alpha (an awesome nation wide campus ministry that is doing super cool things for Jesus & impacting the campus, the marketplace & the world!!).

Venue: Quantum Helicopter Hangar (how cool is that!?)

In planning all the deets – of course decor was a factor and a question. What should we use? Should we have theme? What do we need to purchase?

A few important factors in mind:

– Needs to be cost effective

–  Needs to look good

– Needs to not take too much time

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O the Possibilities!

They are often unwanted & discarded.. but Pallets– with a little vision and some hard work — O the Possibilities!! :)

Just do a search on Pinterest and be amazed at what people have created from pallets! Have a pallet project you have created?? We would love to see it!


Here is a pallet project of ours!!

photo 1-12

The hardwork part! Disassembling them!

photo 1-13

the fun part – arranging them!

photo 4-8

Loving the different colors and the different shades of grey!

photo 5-7

And TaDa!! :)


Happy Creating or Shopping (whichever you prefer!) Or Both! :)

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Where to find us!

Local to the Phoenix area and want to see more?? 


3 ways:

1. Go check out Green Table Gifts in Tempe – a must see boutique filled with all sorts of goodness and retailer of Annie Sloan Chalk paint!

2. Phoenix Flea - March 22nd, Heritage Square in downtown phoenix – The Whitehouse Designs and many other FAB local vendors will be at this event! Make plans to attend this great show!!

3. Junk in the Trunk – May 3rd – You will not want to miss this epic event at Westworld in Scottsdale! So much goodness!! If you have never been – you are going to be blown away (in a good way!)

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Sign with a Cause

I recently had the privilege to make a reclaimed wood sign for a great cause. Central City Assembly in Tucson, AZ is making a great impact in their community. Be encouraged. Be inspired!

Family Meal: with no strings attached


Let me introduce you to two extraordinary individuals…Mr. Ed and Papa John. They are the unsung heroes of Central City Assembly in Tucson, AZ.  Five years ago, Pastor Dave Ferrari had an idea to have his church community eat together on Thursday night rather than have a midweek service. So we did that, CCA (Central City Assembly) loves to EAT. Because the new church plant was in the heart of downtown, our community was seeing first hand the effect of homelessness. There was a park around the corner from our house church so one Thursday evening a guy named Robb said “Hey CCA, we should share our food with the homeless men and women….” and thus began “Family Meal.” It was as easy as that but God wanted to further his redemptive work so he led Mr. Ed and Papa John in off the streets and into CCA’s kitchen. Turns out that before some bad choices, both Papa John and Mr. Ed held jobs as cooks and chefs and had a huge heart to serve the kitchen that faithfully fed them every Thursday. Fast forward a few months and CCA was given a new home in the Old Barrio and Papa John and Mr Ed were given a new home at CCA taking up residence in the fellowship hall. They had a vision to feed the homeless community every night of the week. And not only did they want to feed the community they came from, they wanted to serve them. Literally, they wanted men and women to come in off the streets, find a seat and be served with dignity. God’s redemptive work in the lives of Papa John and Mr. Ed as well as other men and women is truly mind blowing to say the least. Papa John recently married and is now living in an apartment with his bride and serving alongside Mr. Ed. Mr. Ed is constantly dreaming of ways to feed more and more people. On any given day, homeless men and women are hanging around CCA and able to put there hands to some task from either Pastor Dave or Mr. Ed. It may seem simple, but it gives guys like Ted and Dave in the above photo, a purpose and a something to put their hands to.

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